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Shree Multimedia is a IT Hardware rental solution provider based in Pune, India. We also cater our service to different region of the country with our alliance partners all over India. With experience of over 10 years in this industry with services rendered to multinationals, corporate & government organization we have grown to a organization with the best systems in place and a very efficient team to satisfy all our customer needs. We use latest innovations and expertise to help our clients to catch up with the market that’s changing at a revolutionary pace, making sure that every venture is a success for our clients.


We do this for our clients, as we firmly believe that: “Exceed Customer satisfaction is the best policy”. Our zest for creativity leads us to excel in whatever we do – be it Long term rentals, training events, seminars, large short term rental projects. At Shree Multimedia, we believe in creating a supportive and diverse workplace. Shree Multimedia is committed to helping customers become more competitive.


You can trust Shree Multimedia for Computer Rental Services in Pune, Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi, Hyderabad, including laptop, desktop, Workstation, Server, UPS, Printer rental citizens and businesses of all kinds can depend on. No company is more committed to meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations in this field than we are. From great rental products to excellent customer service, Shree Multimedia is one of the good name in computer rental services in India.


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Starting at $25.99/month*

What we offer?

Shree Multimedia offers range of IT asset to be given on rent, We are having stock of old to latest configuration refurbished as well as new IT hardware to be given on rent

Available branded commercial desktops from Dual Core to Corei7 can be customize as per customer requirements

Available business series laptops of almost all the configurations to cater different customer requirements.

We are having large stock of workstations as our most of the customers are Architects, Animators or involved in special effects for films and advertisements,

We supply servers to most of our IT/Software customers as per their business needs, we are also involved in supplying servers to call center/Data Center.

We are having large range of printers available in stock from A4/A3 etc

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